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Welcome in Wine Groupage Tuscany

Wine Groupage Tuscany, born on 2003 owing to the administrator and owner Mr. Mario Ferretti, works in the shipment industry relating to wine, food and beverage sector and provides a careful service able to satisfy its customer needs. Thanks to a synergy with trusted partners can cover the whole world by land, sea and air. Enthusiasm, professionalism and attention set the company as an important reality in Italy.

An inside air conditioned warehouse and the possibility of offering to its customer customs services for import/ export connote Wine Groupage Tuscany as the best choice for your goods.

The services rendered are done in respect of environment and National/ International law. Wine Groupage Tuscany's staff is professionally competent and qualified in wine, food & beverages sector.


This service is rendered directly by Wine Groupage Tuscany trucks or through a certificated partners network, covering the "door to door" field, commercial areas, retailing chain and companies.


This particular service is for: upload and unload for partial or complete pallet. Transports are made with isothermal trucks provided with hydraulic lift and electric traspallet to guarantee a top security service.


Wine Groupage Tuscany is one of the most skilled companies relating transport and logistics for wine, food & beverages sector because during the years the company had set up a partnership retailing widespread net able to cover the whole world without any problem.


Integrated logistics services: receipt, control, storage and delivery organization, packing, labelling and marking and document s drawing.
This service is connected to the custom bureau. Italy retailing made through a partnership net located in many strategic site. Informatic administrative system able to coordinate and organize all the wine, food & beverage shipment.


The large presence in the area of farms producing wine and olive oil is covered by Wine Groupage Tuscany with a delivery service, stock and stop in its warehouse. The storage of goods is made meticulously and professionally to obtain a fast and high quality logistics in which is very important the attention to detail. The Company has inside an air- conditioned warehouse, with H.A.C.C.P certification which guarantee the perfect wine, food & beverage preservation.

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